Updated: February 5, 2024

Yes, "There's an App for That". But it's sure missing something you need (unless you're Tim Cook).

Compose your own. Without any code.

easyAsPieDB is a non-technical, conceptual object-oriented database and a dynamic software application.

  • Design data types representing information you need to keep track of (e.g., People, Activities, Inventory).
  • Organize your dataverse into a tree-like structure of containers.
  • Collect data with touch-optimized forms and take advantage of never-enter-data-twice (NED2) methodology.
  • Review information with quick filters, in-depth searches, multi-sorting and at-a-glance previews.
  • Utilize your knowledge base with custom reports and cloud document exchange.

Keep track of anything. Especially time and money.


Create object-oriented, reusable Types representing your information. • Assemble your Types from basic Values (e.g., Dates, Numbers, Drawings), other composed Types, references to shared Records, or interface Glyphs (e.g., Headings that visually organize Type constituents into groups), just to name a few.


Categorize information by Type through any number of Files of Records. • Organize Files into an in-depth, tree-like structure of information through any number of nested Folders.


Enter basic Values such as Dates, Time, or Duration effortlessly using custom views optimized for mobile devices. • Take advantage of complete automation of visual interface creation with a modular editor - no "forms" to assemble manually. • Avoid repetitive data entry of identical information with reusable Templates of pre-filled Records.


Filter your data broadly using timeframe or tag -based filters, or query your data precisely with reusable Searches. • Review groups of Records in a multiply sortable list and at-a-glance survey individual Fields of each Record with a customizable preview.


Create tabular reports, tailoring the desired sets of Fields, applicable Group criteria or numerical Summary Variables. • Customize report look and feel with built-in HTML/CSS styling.


Integrate transparently with Apple-certified hardware encryption and device locking mechanisms. No unproven, third-party data security products are relied upon. Create a passcode or Touch ID on your mobile device and all your easyAsPieDB data is protected automatically.


Take advantage of integrated time, expense and vehicle mileage tracking.

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