Updated: February 5, 2024

... Because the app is so good.

Rodrigo (United States)


Ilias (Greece)

This replaces 50% of the junk in the App Store.

Zack (United States)

By far the easiest to use.

Rachel (United States)

Already an impressive product.

Gerrit (The Netherlands)

A completely new application working like... a growing tree.

Benasol (Belgium)

The app is fantastic and I still have a lot to learn.

Danny (United States)

I am impressed especially with the ability to produce saved custom reports.

Graham (United States)

I find [easyAsPieDB] very powerful and like it very much!

Erkki (Finland)

Templates tend to really help with the start-up phase, as helping to spark usage concepts.

Jay (United States)

The best database implementation I found for the iPhone.

Peter (Germany)

The single-column, multi-line [Record View] is excellent for adding/changing data.

Gerrit (The Netherlands)

Thank you for the brilliant application.

Zack (United States)

The app idea itself is powerful.

Rob (United States)

WINNER - Tizen App Challenge

easyAsPieDB R1 ("Objectality") has been selected as an Honorable Mention (3rd-place) Winner in the "Productivity, Finance and Utilities" category for the Tizen App Challenge 2013!

An international panel of judges, who are experts in software development and technology innovation, judged new applications for the emerging Tizen mobile platform in a skills-based contest. Winners were announced by The Linux Foundation, Samsung and Intel at the Mobile World Congress 2014 in Barcelona, Spain.

"The contest cultivated some of today's most versatile and creative apps, while rewarding an equally impressive and deserving group of highly talented developers." - said Brian Warner, Senior Member Services Manager for Linux Foundation Collaboration Projects.

February 2014

(Source: Yahoo Finance, Tizen App Challenge Announces Winners of $4+ Million in Prizes)


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March 2013

(Source: AppsLists.net iTunes App Charts History and Analysis)

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