Updated: January 12, 2023

Designed for Microsoft Windows Mobile 6 Logo

In July 2008 QualityLogic has awarded TimeTTracker MX2 the new Designed for Windows Mobile 6 logo.

Separate guidelines cover applications designed specifically to take advantage of Windows Mobile 6 features and improvements. In addition, the logo program requires that an application be fully functional and stable under the specific platform before the logo can be awarded.

Intuit QuickBooks® Technical Review Certification

In December 2006 Quality Partners has awarded TimeTTracker MX2, Special Edition for QuickBooks® Users the QuickBooks Technical Review certification.

QuickBooks Technical Review is a program specifically designed for vendors of QuickBooks-compatible software to interact with the QuickBooks suite of products. The QuickBooks Technical Review Program is designed to give the QuickBooks developer community a mechanism to ensure applications meet the high quality standard of operation and compatibility expected by QuickBooks customers. The purpose of the testing is to verify that a product appropriately integrates, exchanges data, and is compatible with the QuickBooks platform.

Product Quality Partners, Inc. is an independent testing company chosen by Intuit to execute the QuickBooks Technical Review. All program specifics, including processes, test design, and program design, have been approved and are enforced by Intuit. Quality Partners' test engineering service was to ensure that TimeTTracker MX2, Special Edition for QuickBooks Users meets a set of Intuit compliance standards, and that its stability is adequate throughout all the compliance tests.

For more information, please visit Intuit and Quality Partners.

Designed for Microsoft Windows Mobile Logo

In April 2003 QualityLogic has awarded TimeTTracker MX the highly recognized Designed for Windows Mobile logo.

Designed for Windows Mobile logo is a program developed by Microsoft and implemented by QualityLogic to allow end-users to easily identify software products that are compatible with Windows Mobile powered Pocket PC devices.

Microsoft has identified compatibility and design requirements that govern application install/uninstall processes, registry and file management functions, and UI and shell support features. In addition, the logo program requires that an application be fully functional and stable before the logo will be awarded. By purchasing Pocket PC products with the Designed for Windows Mobile logo, you are getting both superior products and peace of mind.

Users of Pocket PC devices are assured that software products with the Windows Mobile logo were designed specifically for the Windows Mobile powered Pocket PC devices.

The product has incorporated the new functionality featured in Pocket PC where applicable. Testing has been certified by an independent, Microsoft-approved third-party company who specializes in quality assurance and testing.

For more information, please visit Microsoft and QualityLogic.

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